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Coffee table, Frighetto, DOUBLE-SKin, Ora-Ito, 2009.

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Coffee table, Frighetto, DOUBLE-SKin, Ora-Ito, 2009.
Two matching tables designed to celebrate the use of two different materials, glass and methacrylate (PMMA), carefully juxtaposed to highlight the duality of their form and function. The materials, which are cut out and bonded together, emphasise the extreme versatility of the design so that you can either place things on the glass table tops or store magazines and/or newspapers inside on the shiny PMMA hold-all pockets.
While each design has a different shape and size, both are based on the same concept and are available either as a side table or coffee table or even as a matching pair.
Sizes: H. cm. 40 40×40 or H. cm. 28 120×60

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H. cm 28 120×60, H. cm 40 40×40



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