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Rugs,Nanimarquina,KALA,Nani Marquina and Care Fair,2009.

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Rugs,Nanimarquina,KALA,Nani Marquina and Care Fair,2009.
100% New Zealand wool handtufted.
In Hindi Kala means “tomorrow.
Nanimarquina’s initiative is to foster the creativity and imagination of children, in the hope of being successful in the future, by supporting Care and Fair. Kala is the culmination of an integrated project that aims to unite India, our main producing country, with nanimarquina’ s design. It is the tangible fusion of two worlds through the eyes of children. The collection has been designed by the nanimarquina team based on original drawings by children at Care a nd Fair’ ;s schools in India. Kala’s sales will be invested in a new Care and Fair school in India. A single combination of colours, a single size, a single dream.
Size available:
Round, diam. cm. 200 or rectangular 155×220 or 200×300

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Weight 20,00 kg

cm. 155 x 220, cm.200×300, diam. cm. 200




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