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Recessed spot, Delta Light, REO S.

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Recessed spot, Delta Light, REO S. 2011
With the launch of The Lighting Bible 9, Delta Light introduced REO led – a remarkable range of brand-new led recessed spots. Available in various designs, colours and lighting solutions. This new generation of dimmable recessed spots use carefully selected high performance leds that are the equivalent of 35-50 Watt halogen lamps, consuming less than 10 Watt, and delivering a powerful, warm light. The Reo Led collection guarantees a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency. Countersunk conical shapes create an almost unnoticeable transition from the intense led light with the ceiling. The attractive front rings make a halo appear round the LED reflector, creating an exceptional result.
This Reo spot come in white finishing, with adjustable diffuser 0-30 /350°.
Diffuser 8W, 3000k

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