Softener Millefiory Laundry.

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Softener Millefiory Laundry.
For soft fabrics surrounded by perfume. Softness and scent for a unique senses experience. Cascata di glicine; a knowing mixture of vanilla pods, wild strawberries and cloves; citrus and flowery fragrances that suggest intimate and warm surronding; Joinville: A fragrant of wood and iris dust, juicy green apple puree and coffee syrup. A Knowing miz of crisp, fruity notes giving intense sensation of well being. Ocean wind: A breeze of white musk, indonesian scents and Madagascar vanilla. Oriental aromas dusted with violet leaves and lily that stimulate body and mind. Perla; a marriage delicate rose petals, nutmeg and classic woody flavours. An exclusive and elenagt taste for moments of deep involvement. 1000 ml

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cascata di glicine, jounouille, perla


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